Whether for a new job opportunity, a new personal relationship, or a new business partner, sometimes, the best things happen when you’re not looking for them! 
In our case, our Tel-Aviv based, Mediterranean brand, Hamsa-Hamsa, emerged as a prime example of “right time, right place”.
 Gilly Bahat Eshkol, a highly respected fashion designer, and senior lecturer at the renowned Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, was immersed in creating various fashion lines in Israel together with emerging young designers.  One of her projects took her to the Rama digital printing factory, an established family owned business, known for its leading innovative print techniques and designs. 
It took just one unplanned, casual conversation for Gilly to learn that Itay Rizanski, Rama’s owner’s son, had a vision to use their high quality prints for a new and unique line of clothing, and Hamsa-Hamsa was born.  
Gilly’s creativity and experience, combined with Itay’s vision and production capabilities. 
1 + 1 = 3
Yet it’s not just about the two of us!
Today, Hamsa-Hamsa enables many local, talented designers, to create and offer their local products through our brand and channels, strongly influenced by our ethnic culture, with total focus on quality, authentic beauty and individuality. 
With every product made in the Holy Land, you are assured of a deep connection with our history, culture, fashion and future. 
Oh, and why the name Hamsa-Hamsa?  
“Hamsa” is a palm-shaped object, dating back over 5,000 years, with the image of the open right hand traditionally being a highly accepted sign of protection against danger and harm, as well as representing a blessing, power and strength. Here in Israel, and elsewhere in the Middle East, a Hamsa, is a “standard” good luck present for the new home owner, the new parent, the new car owner, and much more, adorning many walls and necklaces.    
We believe and wish our project will continue to be blessed, powerful and protected. Hamsa-Hamsa :)