Smadar Tobis the artist who travels all around the world...

Since early times weaving and embroidery have played an integral and important part in the life of various traditional societies. Styles, patterns, and colors used by the female embroiderers varied from one area or society to another, and were closely related to local life and beliefs.






Our patterns derive from a carefully selected choice  of authentic items found in private collections and  not on public display. By  purchasing these lovely  items you will be able to enjoy a unique and rare  treasure of items becoming extinct.

 Smadar Tobis the artist travels all around the world  searching for unique handmade textiles, taking  inspirations from those beautiful traditional works.

Smadar is creating useful products which reflects unique aesthetics and carry over the value of preserving the extinctive artisans   

Product description:
The placemats, which consist of a high quality photocopy of an original cloth laminated in transparent, pliable plastic suitable for daily use and ease of cleaning, make an original and ideal gift for family and friends worldwide and can be easily transported in a suitcase or sent by post.