Studio Baladi is a home for handmade jewelry founded in 2012

is a home for handmade jewelry founded in 2012
Laliv Shalev, the owner and designer, works with gold, sterling silver and brass, and sometimes combine new and surprising materials.

Being a Goldsmith is something that Laliv has been planning and building for quite some time  so after working few years as an Industrial designer, manufacturing mostly plastic products and doing mainly computer work, she decided to leave her job and to start her independent career.

She took classes in Micha Yecheli's studio and worked as a part time graphic designer, and slowly started making her first pieces. Two years later, Laliv is now doing what she love as a full time job.

The Meaning of the word "Baladi" is: Locally, From the land, Not processed/Raw. 
This is what guides the lines and textures of most of Laliv's creations- the design use the materials' natural features, the jewels reflects the "Baladi" inspiration of authenticity and not trying to be perfect or symmetric or to have extremely polished finishing. 

All the pieces are hand made in the traditional goldsmith crafting and most of the items are one of a kind creations.

Studio Baladi is located in the heart of Tel-Aviv next to Levinsky market