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Our unique brand is Mediterranean based in Tel-Aviv
Hamsa-Hamsa emerged from our local community of creative and talented people.
It all started from a common work cooperation.
Gilly Bahat Eshkol, a fashion designer and a lecturer in Shenkar design college has been creating various fashion lines in Israel together with emerging young designers.
On one of those hot Israeli summer days she went to Rama digital printing factory for a project.
For many years Rama is a family owned business leading innovative print techniques and designs.
Itay Rizanski, owners' son, had this idea of using their high quality prints for a new and unique line of clothing and this is how Hamsa-Hamsa started...
We, Itay and Gilly, decided to share our project inviting other Israeli fellow doers to participate.
Being where we are constantly influences our doing so this life style brand enables designers, artists, jewelers and many others to present their unique creations worldwide.
Hamsa-Hamsa reflects our local ethnic and authentic beauty, quality and aesthetics.
We started from an idea which many talented people supported it to become real.
Our vision is to present many local talents, to create unique products emphasizing all our goods are made in the Holy Land.
HAMSA is a universal sign of protection, the image of the open right hand which is believed to have extraordinary characteristics that can protect people from evil and other dangers. It is a sign of protection that also represents blessings, power and strength.
We believe and wish our project will continue to be blesses- Hamsa-Hamsa :)